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DECKWRAP provides the best protection when applied to a clean, dry post, at temperatures above 40F. In cooler temperatures or with damp wood conditions, use MFM Spray Adhesive to improve adhesion. DECKWRAPmay also be mechanically attached.  

DECKWRAP protective wrap should be installed before the post is set in the ground. Before removing the white release paper from your roll of DECKWRAP, wrap the material around the post making sure there is enough for a minimum 3 overlap. Cut  the materialto length with a knife or scissors.  

Position the materialso it is at soil level when the post is set. The protective wrap should extend approximately 3 above the soil and at least 6 below the finished grade. Remove the white release paper from the material. Wrap it around the post. Firmly press the material into place. MFM recommends using a 2 hand roller to thoroughly seal the wrap to the post. Pay particular attention to the top and bottom edges. The post may now be set into position. For posts that are installed on top of a concrete pad, wrap the materialaround the bottom and sides of the post to create an effective barrier.  

To protect metal from ACQ-treated lumber: Apply a protective layer of DECKWRAP between the ACQ lumber and the metal. This will prevent the ACQ from corroding the metal.  

To flash deck ledger boards: DECKWRAP should extend 3 up the wall of the building and at least 3 down the face of the ledger board. Remove white release paper and press the DECKWRAP into position. Roll the entire surface with a hand roller to ensure good adhesion. MFM DECKWRAP should be covered by the building siding and deck planking within six months of installation.   

To protect deck joists, stairs, and uprights: DECKWRAP should be applied to the top of the deck joists before the final deck planking is installed. This will prevent moisture from damaging the joists. Apply DECKWRAP to the top of the joists and wrap at least 1 down each side of the joist. Roll surface with a hand roller to ensure good adhesion. DECKWRAPshould be applied between all wood contact surfaces where moisture will accumulate and accelerate wood rot.  

At temperatures below 40F, or if DECKWRAP is not adhering well, spray the area of the post to be wrapped with MFM Spray Adhesive. DECKWRAP may also be nailed or stapled to the post. The specially formulated adhesive will seal around the nail or staple preventing moisture and aerobic bacteria from getting through. A bead of caulk may be applied to the top edge of DECKWRAP after it is installed to provide additional protection from water seeping under the wrap. MFM recommends using a non-silicone caulk intended for exterior use.